Gems, Jewels, ARTIFACTS and more... 

Fox Cave

Mining for gems

Just place a scoop of rough material on the screen...
then rinse with clean water. The gem stones, when
wet, will reveal their many colors and crystal shapes!

Refer to the Gemstone Chart provided to identify
​your gemstone findings. There are lots of different gemstones to discover! Plenty of aquamarine, as well as moonstones, Ruidoso garnet, citrine, amethyst, ruby, sapphire and others. Sharing the experience of mining at the flume mine is a lot of fun for the whole family. You can compare your finds and help each other identify what you've found -- maybe you'll strike it rich!

 explore the unlimited TREASURES contained within the walls 

of this historic cave. you've only dreamt about 

the endless magic and mystery we hold!

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